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Q. What kind of experience does Greenhouse have mainly?
A. Landscape construction is our strength. This includes walls, patios, walkways, basement walkdowns, stairs, porches/decks/sheds, fences, and excavation/land restructuring, including garden bed preparation. We have installed complete gardens on many occasions, which includes design, and planting stages.

Q. What areas has Greenhouse worked in?
A. We started in the Scarborough area, and quickly progressed to Broadview-danforth, Riverdale, and other urban areas such as Queen st. East, mainly Leslieville.

Q. What size of projects does the company usually do?
A. We have completed projects as small as simple sod-installation, up to designing/landscaping entire properties, including complete back, front and side yards. The price ranges have started as low as $400, up to around $75,000.

Q. What style of working would you describe the company as having?
A. We are absolutely a friendly and compatible company to work with, a statement I'm sure all of our past clients will agree with.

Q. How would you describe the project lifecycle, from the business perspective?
A. Initial contact will trigger a discussion of client goals and budget, and we will attempt to ascertain if they are compatible or not. If so, we will proceed to an on-site meeting, and spend as long there as necessary to gather the information needed to begin an estimate.
For larger projects, a 1st-stage estimate will be completed (possibly with general sketches to facilitate clarity), and we will present the client with a price range, done verbally. If the client is still interested in proceeding, we will then move on to a more detailed and precise estimate, but even this is often discussed, reworked, and re-calibrated until agreement is reached on the goals, and details of the proposal.
At this stage, we will deliver the final estimate, and leave it in the client's hands, to decide if they wish to proceed or not, there is no ‘pressure' from Greenhouse to sign, this is not how we wish to do business If the client does choose to proceed, a contract will be signed based on the same estimate, this is why the same form is used for both estimate and contract, so there can be no differences between the two.
The dual-purpose estimate-contract form will then be updated to include dates, payment schedule, and signatures, all these things to be negotiated between the parties. Many companies will ask for the traditional 50/50 split; ie. 50% up front, 50% upon completion. Greenhouse does do this a little differently, we ask for a downpayment to cover material purchases and up-front costs, usually less than 50%, and then periodic payments based on completion goals, for longer projects. We feel this is more justifiable, and reduces customer exposure and fears of ‘contractor no-shows'. Incidentally, this has never happened on a project, and will not be an issue, but this is our way of providing reassurance.

Q. How would you describe the project lifecycle, from the working perspective?
A. We will show up when scheduled, and baring illness, be there every day. We don't switch between projects, and commit to finish one before starting another. The staff will always be friendly and courteous to clients, neighbours, vendors, inspectors, and anyone else involved in the project, or affected by it. If excessive dust is blown on neighbours belongings, it is our job to clean it up. Any inconvenience to neighbours will be dealt with, such as cleaning up dust caused by project, usually by concrete/stone saws.

Q. What would you say is the satisfaction rate of clients?
A. We believe our satisfaction rate is very high, close to %100. A post-job questionnaire is being considered, in order to verify this more closely in the future.
We hope you will be one of our satisfied customers someday, and that we can help your landscaping needs to be met, or even dreams to come true.